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In 2014 we are going to focus this newsletter and the contents of our blog on furthering your knowledge as a user of the Novarad Suite of products. It is our mission to lower the cost of healthcare, not only for you our customers, but for your patients as well. The improvement in radiologists’ efficiency will save everyone very valuable healthcare dollars. It has been our experience that a significant percentage of radiologists are not using our system in the best and most efficient way possible. While we do initially provide a comprehensive one-on-one training with radiologists and PACS Administrators when first installing NovaPACS, after time radiologists become ready to learn more advanced techniques in using Novarad. Training needs also arise when radiologists and technicians new to using NovaPACS begin at your sites. In an effort to meet these needs, Novarad provides multiple ways for new radiologists and other employees to receive full and complete training on any of Novarad’s products. The first is through our PACS Administration Training Course. During this training course held in Salt Lake City, Utah, we work extensively with your administrators to ensure they become experts on the Novarad products, learning nuances that will make your Novarad solution more efficient for your site. In addition to using your Novarad administrator as a resource, we also offer web training to your radiologists in variety of ways that can work to fit your budget, schedules and needs.

The first is free online training with one of our certified Clinical Specialists. During your online training, participants will learn advanced features, new products features and tips to ensure they are getting the most out of their Novarad system. This training can be arranged with your Novarad sales representative, or directly with the training department.
In addition to our free web training, we offer on-site training for the cost of $1,500 per day. This training is recommended for radiologists. During an on-site visit, the trainer will read alongside the radiologist observing how they work. Throughout the day the trainer will provide tips and insight on how to improve their productivity and automate processes.

In addition to the training that Novarad currently offers, we will be implementing a comprehensive training video library in 2014 that will be at the fingertips of all of our loyal Novarad users. The Training Video Library will provide an intuitive, easy-to-use alternative to getting quick answers to your most frequently asked questions. Our training videos can be viewed any time as many times as you wish, and will contain valuable and accurate information designed to keep you moving forward.

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