FDA approves Nova3D+ advanced visualization


AMERICAN FORK, Utah—Nova3D+, Novarad’s newest advancement in image processing, was approved by the FDA for diagnostic purposes Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014.

The advancements in 3D visualization are the latest addition to the Novarad’s extensive suite of advanced diagnostic tools, including the popular NovaPACS and NovaRIS for which the company is best known.

According to Dr. Wendell Gibby, CEO and founder of Novarad, Nova3D+ functions seamlessly with the PACS because it is already built in to the system.

“We [used to] integrate with other 3D vendors and each time the user experience was different,” Gibby said. “It was halted. It was slow, it was expensive and there were a lot of things that were missing.”

Most advanced visualization systems use a separate CPU-based server that must externally render images for the client, while Nova3D+ renders locally using the computer’s GPU (graphics processing unit). This results in quicker rendering and higher resolution images.

Nova3D+ provides users with other exclusive features, including virtual colonoscopy, time domain imaging (TDI), splenomegaly volume measurement, PET/CT fusion imaging, K trans indicating prostate cancer, tissue segmentation, vessel metrics, multi-slice, multi-phase subtracted perfusion, calcium scoring, color segmentation by tissue type and vessel flow velocity and volume measurement.

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Additionally, the software was developed by the same engineering team behind NovaPACS and does not require additional servers and/or switching between programs or workstations.

This advanced imaging software is the result of over three years of research and development.

“We want to continue our pursuit of excellence,” Gibby said. “We have driven this technology forward and now we have the fastest, most simplified image processing of any system out there for a fraction of the price.”

Nova3D+ is available for purchase exclusively through Novarad Corporation.

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