IT: Essential to the Transformation of Medical Imaging

Guess what, rads? It’s National Health IT Week!

NHIT Week is a week set aside each year to showcase the value of healthcare IT. IT is essential to radiology today. Our field is in a state of rapid growth–the latest medical technology, strong IT tools and up-to-date personnel are essential!

Health IT Preserves the Role of Radiologists

PACS systems are becoming more seamlessly interfaced with EHR systems, slowly diminishing the need for RIS systems. In addition, the shift to VNA to streamline storage and the sharing of images (DICOM and non-DICOM) is putting PACS back in the middle of the imaging mix. So, what does this mean for practicing radiologists moving forward?

Radiology’s volume-based shift has arguably isolated the radiologist. It could seem to be diminishing the role of a radiologist to some extent, however, we know better. New avenues are opening up each day.

Health IT Gives Radiologists a Virtual Reality

Although we’ve come a long way since the days of paper, there are still challenges distributing and sharing images and reports among facilities. To streamline these gaps in communications, radiologists need to become consultants to the referring physician. Healthcare needs us to be more collaborative.

For this to be successful, we need pathways that will take us there. The field of health IT is looking for interoperability resources to drive patient care, moving us closer towards outcome-driven healthcare, where radiologists play a critical role.

Health IT Brings Us Together

As radiologists continue to work in their siloed environments, availability and access have become increasingly critical. In this volume-based environment, two defining factors of success have historically been report turnaround time and volume of studies.

With a collaborative-care model, it is no longer these two metrics but clinical quality metrics, like utilization managements and service quality, etc. that gauge success. This change relies on accessibility–which, thanks to constantly developing technology, is made easier with each passing day.

Moving Forward

Cutting-edge technology such as machine learning and pattern recognition, is gradually making its way into radiology. In fact, the digital age potentially has affected no medical field more than radiology. Radiologists have to be on top of the latest and greatest to remain current and relevant, and that is only likely to be truer the further we progress.

IT is essential to the radiologist; for more information on how Medical IT systems can improve your facility, we invite you to explore the Novarad blog or contact your sales representative.


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