Enterprise Imaging: The next natural step for healthcare

First off, let’s answer the question: What is enterprise imaging?

Short version: enterprise imaging is the next step in healthcare information storage.

Slightly longer version: enterprise imaging is a software that allows physicians to see images from all of the different “ologies” in which a patient has had imaging done.

Next, let’s compare imaging solution tactics. PACS and VNA’s are co-existing at the moment, but a recent spike in enterprise imaging solutions has its benefits. A PACS a la carte solution; coupling it with an image storage, workflow, and an analytics systems is what many hospitals or other medical facilities are using, while others have been more attracted to the new enterprise imaging software.

The differences in the two is not that different, both can show images from different departments in a centralized place while enterprise imaging only takes one piece of software to enjoy this feature and focuses on value-based care for the patient.

KLAS analyst Monique Rasband acknowledged that while VNA’s are up the rise when she said…
“I don’t know any provider I’ve talked to in the last five years that doesn’t have a PACS.”

PACS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it would be foolish to think that enterprise imaging will not gain ground as it continues to evolve. To help ensure that the imaging professional has a say in this, try to make sure they understand that radiology has already been through this transition–the imaging department has valuable experience with the digital transition that will help it go smoothly.

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