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Congratulations to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center for winning our first ever “Customer of the Month” contest! Everyone in the radiology department will get a free Novarad t-shirt.

About The Facility:

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center is a 185 bed hospital located in Thibodaux, LA.Visit their site to learn more!

If you want to nominate your hospital, clinic, or imaging center for Novarad’s Customer of the Month, send an email telling us how your facility excels and how using Novarad’s products has helped you do so, along with some photos. The winner will get free t-shirts! Send nominations to

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center has been a customer since 2000 and was actually one of the first to install our complete PACS! Their dedication and service has garnered them many awards over the years, some of which are displayed on the left. For these reasons Novarad has chosen Thibodaux as our first ever Customer of the Month.

As part of their drive to improve patient service while reducing cost, Thibodaux Regional began evaluating the possibility of purchasing a PACS many years ago. “As part of the decision-making process we visited a NovaPACS install site in the area and participated in a hands-on product demonstration,” said Camile Richard, director of radiology at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. “We were sold on the system following the demo, but the affordable pricing, proven track record, and the training services offered as part of the package made NovaPACS the clear choice for our facility.”

For a video of Thibodaux CEO Greg Stock talking about Novarad, click on the link!

Prior to using NovaPACS, the time lapse between developing the image to diagnosis was problematic. Exams were printed on film, manually compiled with any previous studies performed on the patient, and then hand carried by technologists to the radiologists for interpretation. The entire course of action usually took several hours resulting in diagnosis delays.

In addition to providing faster diagnostics to advance patient care, Thibodaux Regional is saving money. A Six Sigma project demonstrated that the facility’s film costs were $220,000 per year; in addition, its film processor chemical costs were $15,000. The monthly fee for the NovaPACS system is less than 50 percent of Thibodaux’s prior film budget.

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