CryptoPACS | Image Sharing Reimagined

A simpler way to share patient images

CryptoPACS is a secure, simple, and inexpensive way to share medical images, physically and digitally. It consists of a small, networked router device and a compact label printer, which takes minutes for anyone to set up, and best of all — a degree in IT is not required.

The HIPAA-compliant networked device receives images from any DICOM modality or PACS, then compresses, encrypts, and sends the image to Novarad’s Object Vault cloud system.


Designed for Security


How will CryptoPACS improve my process?

1. Gives you greater control over your costs.  

The average cost of burning a CD is $3.00; some of these costs can be recouped by charging patients, but that doesn’t change the amount of money spent on CDs that could be reduced by using a more convenient, ultimately more secure method of image sharing.

The average cost of printing one CryptoPACS card is only 75 cents.

2. Helps you save time with printing and staffing. 

By using this alternative to more traditional methods of image sharing, you can give your patients and your referring physicians a fast and eco-friendly way to access their images.

In the time it typically takes to burn just one patient CD, you could print out 16 secure access codes.

Additionally, there are staff time savings to consider as well — it takes mere seconds to print a QR code, compared to up to 20 minutes for a CD.

3. Doesn’t require extra accounts or passwords.

One of the most frequent complaints about image sharing methods today is that in order to be secure, they require all users to create an account — this means yet another username and password to remember. 

CryptoPACS allows you to avoid this by storing images in a secure cloud and encrypting the data both in motion and at rest.


How does it work?

QR codes are easier to share with referring physicians and other clinicians than CDs,  with encryption both in motion and at rest. You can also easily control access to images with time-constrained secondary access codes.

  1. The selected study is routed through the secure CryptoPACS router.
  2. The code is automatically printed.
  3. The recipient scans the code to access the image.





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