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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my own CryptoPACS product?
You can request a CryptoPACS box through our website by clicking here.


What kind of facility will benefit most from image sharing codes? Why should we use them?
Any facility that shares medical images through burning patient CDs will benefit from using codes (yes, that means you!). Codes save time and money over CDs, and unlike most imaging shares they do not require a username or password.
What do I need to start up?
If you have received the hardware previously, you have everything you need to start: CryptoPACS router, label printer, cords and cables, and labels.
If you don’t have the CryptoPACS hardware, you can register for a free trial and we will send them to you.
Can I use CryptoPACS even if I don’t use Novarad’s PACS?
Absolutely. You are not required to be using any other Novarad products to utilize CryptoPACS, making for easy startup and easy integration with your current PACS system or directly from a modality. CryptoPACS is vendor-agnostic.
Where can I find training?
You can find training materials, including a startup guide and explanatory videos, on the home page and in the resources tab.
What if I am not subject to sales tax?
If you are not subject to Sales Tax, you can still sign up for CryptoPaCS online. To ensure you are not charged sales tax, please send your current Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to A Novarad representative will contact you to confirm Novarad’s receipt of your valid Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.
What if I don’t have permission to sign the contracts for my facility?
Unfortunately you do need to have the proper authority to be able to sign the service contract for your facility. If you are not sure who that is, please consult your department head.
How do I set up my printer?
Please return to your user guide for detailed instructions, or view the explanatory video for setting up your printer here.
How does the printer connect to my modality?
Your printer does not connect directly to your modalities. It connects to the CryptoPACS router, which connects to your modalities.
I ran out of paper for my printer. What can I print on and which labels do I order?
Unfortunately, you do need to restock your printer with compatible labels. Recommended labels can be viewed HERE.
How do I find my Static IP address?
You will need to get a static IP Address from your PACS Admin or IT Support Staff
It will be a series of numbers, generally set up like this: 123.456.78.901.
How does CryptoPACS connect to my modalities? My PACS?
Your PACS Admin can add the appropriate required items so the PAC/modalities can route directly to the CryptoPACS solution. You will need to add as a destination:
-CryptoPACS AE Title
-CryptoPACS IP Address
How do I cancel my trial or subscription?
You can easily cancel your CrytpoPACS trial or subscription. You will need to fill out a cancellation form by clicking HERE, and submit. Once we received it someone from Support will reach out to you and arrange returning of the hardware. Once everything is returned, we will cancel your account. if the hardware is not returned in excellent working condition, your facility will be charged up to $1000. You will receive a final charge for usage of the product prior to cancellation.