CryptoPACS Contracts

In order to proceed with your trial of CryptoPACS, your facility will need to fill out and sign both a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Novarad, and a product Licensing Agreement. You can download each document HERE and preview them prior to registration.

*Please note: ALL documents on this page are necessary to be completed before you can begin the trial.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and Service Contract

If you would like to sign the contracts physically and mail them into us. A downloadable version of our contract is provided HERE.

For verification purposes, you will be charged a few cents upon completion of the order. Only after the trial period is up will you be charged for usage during the previous month. The monthly fee may vary each month depending on the volume of studies uploaded to CryptoPACS.

You must have signed the above forms before using this button to continue.

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