Committed to your experience

Rotating Band of Customer Testimonials

Novarad is continually committed to our customers and their experience. Each year, we implement hundreds of customer-requested product features. Our goal is always to help you work more quickly and more efficiently, with a product increasingly tailored to your workflow.

Unlike our competitors, we are independently owned and operated. We answer to you, not investors on Wall Street. For instance, we have not outsourced or automated our customer support to save money. In order to guarantee product expertise, 24/7 responsiveness, and a quick turnaround time, we keep support in-house at our corporate headquarters in beautiful American Fork, Utah.

We keep customers at the forefront of every decision we make to ensure it will enhance, not detract, from the customer experience.


For more information on the Novarad customer experience, contact us or read one of the testimonials below.