Optimizing Enterprise Workflows

Experience. Applied.

With over 20 years of crafting radiology workflow solutions, we have applied the lessons learned to an enterprise-wide imaging strategy. Whether it is aggregating clinical multimedia across an entire hospital or providing image management solutions for a group of independent healthcare facilities, we have the solutions and expertise to help you solve imaging’s most challenging problems.

Top Tier Technology.

Novarad has developed the best components to accompany the Ncompass Solution. From tried and true radiology tools to the patient image viewing through the Patient Storyboard™, Novarad has sourced the best technology to be a part of your solution.

Clinical Workflow Modules






Universal Viewer

Build on Existing Technology

The idea of replacing all of the existing technologies in a facility can leave both clinicians and IT professionals awestruck. Knowing that even subtle shifts in technology can be daunting, Ncompass can be implemented to improve upon existing systems and promote collaboration through the continuum of care.

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