Clinical Solutions

Create a custom clinical workflow solution that fits your facility

Your Workflow, Customized.

Novarad’s healthcare imaging solutions were designed to address the individual needs of your healthcare facility. That is why we have created a flexible, customizable solution that can be adjusted to fit the individual needs of your facility.

Clinical Solutions

Advanced Tools and an Efficient Workflow

At Novarad, we understand the power that an efficient workflow can offer a facility, from the improvement of patient care to helping healthcare providers do more with less. We work to improve customer workflow through product enhancements and implementation of direct customer feedback into our product. Examples include a built-in mammography viewer, complete CPACS/CVIS integration, as well as tools that can execute advanced visualization on the fly within the PACS system.

As technology advances, so does your product. We firmly believe that healthcare providers should be able to utilize the latest developments while administering patient care. That is why we provide all customers with access to our most recent developments.

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