The Most Adaptive Digital Radiography System in the World

Chameleon DR

Built on the Best Technology

ChameleonDR™ couples industry leading imaging software with a superior DR plate. This combination provides you with a cutting-edge DR solution that can help your facility transition from CR, or easily expand your current solution.

Chameleon DR

Low Dose. High Resolution.

Novarad’s digital radiography solution starts with a lightweight HD plate, manufactured in the United States. With a 100 pixel pitch and high performance CsI scintillator, it helps reduce patient exposure and enables an excellent DQE. The user interface has been developed from the ground up, with features that focus on providing the best user experience possible. Once the image has been captured the A3™ image post processing technology is advanced, automated, and adaptive which enables the best image quality of any DR system on the market.

High Resolution

Panel comes with high definition resolution, a 100µ pixel pitch. Combined with Novarad’s image processing software allows for images that are sharper while potentially reducing radiation exposure up to 300 percent.


Wireless or wall-mount panels make for an easy transition to DR, standard panels fit into most current x-ray systems.


With wireless auto-detect of panels and interchangeable cassettes help create a completely responsive and unique system that is easily adaptable and fits the needs of your department.


The touch screen interface gives technicians quick access to a variety of protocols helping them move quickly through exams and patients.

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