Branding! What is it good for? Absolutely everything.

Branding is an important part of any business, doctors and practices included. While many people may not think about branding first when they think about doctors, it’s important to realize that how your brand reflects your practice’s image and your personal image will have a huge impact on your success.

The focus of this article in Radiology Business is how individual radiologists as well as practices should look at their current branding strategy and consider “addressing the current social mores and standards of the day.”

Radiation Dose

One of the major concerns for patients is radiation doses. The impact that branding can have on ensuring and informing patients of the advances in radiation dosage can be very beneficial in the basics of branding, showing your clientele what you are all about – taking care of them.


Another way that radiologists and practices can address the current social standards for their branding is by showing “collaborative leadership.” This includes “respect, empathy, and inclusion” said Alexander M. Norbash , MD, FACR in his session on personal branding at the 4th annual summit of the Radiology Leadership Institute. Showing that you are willing to abide by those three attributes will increase the value of your brand, not only on a personal level, but also on the practice level.shutterstock_316545593

Practice Branding Value

Improving your practice’s brand value is slightly different than increasing your personal brand’s value. It encompasses more aspects and people and requires more attention and upkeep. It can also have a bigger impact. Think about it in terms of a restaurant, yes one person can make or break an experience, but when everyone you come in contact with kind and courteous, the more willing you are going to be for repeat visits. The same principle should applied to practices.

Overall, when it comes to branding yourself and practice in radiology, the main things to focus on are improvements in the field, respect, empathy, and inclusion, and ensuring that all aspects of your practiced are branded the way you want your clientele to view you. These are the steps to making sure that you and your practice are in a position to make the most of branding strategies.

This article was written by Mike Schwartz, a technical writer with Novarad. 

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