Boot Camp De-brief

bootcamp_footerOur annual User Group Meeting was a huge success, thanks in large part to all of you who attended! This year, the theme was “Boot Camp”. The meeting took place in sunny Panama City Beach, Florida on October 13th-15th.

A poolside reception welcomed all the recruits to the base on Wednesday evening prior to lights out. Upon reporting for duty the next morning, recruits were issues a military bag containing their uniforms, equipment, and food supplies. They were instructed to proceed to the training grounds. Sergeant Cheryl Adams ordered roll call of all instructors and recruits and explained procedures for the next two days.

Instructors drilled the recruits on the basics of PACS Administration, Advanced Radiology PACS, and many of Novarad’s great products.

Later, everyone enjoyed a little R&R on the beautiful white sands of Panama City Beach, followed by an intense game of beach volleyball. The messhall was bypassed and everyone was treated to a delicious dinner at Firefly, a short walk from the base.

Beach Volleyball

Day two featured more exercises in Using the Patient CD, Marketing Your Image Department, NovaDash, Multi-sites, and Advanced Radiology Information Systems. Upon graduation, ASRT Certificates were issues and the troops were dismissed. All went away feeling better trained, better informed, and ready to share their knowledge with the troops back home.

Novarad Boot Camp was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see even more of you next year at our next User Group Meeting!

Sunset header Panama City

To view all of our photos from the User Group Meeting visit! We’d also love to see any photos you took, so please feel free to upload them to our wall!

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