Is Your Practice FastPractice?

Do you need a program that allows you to manage patient accounts, view unbilled procedures, and seamlessly bills insurance companies and patients? ICD- 10 and ICD- 9 coding compliance, while also providing seamless integration with your PACS, RIS, and billing systems? Here’s how Novarad’s FastPractice may be able to help. Increased Cash Flow and Billing […]

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Dose monitoring on the rise: What are you doing?

The rate of CT scans over the last 35 years has increased over 166 percent! We’ve gone from 3 million CT scans performed in 1980 to 80 million scans being performed in 2015. There are multiple reasons for this rate of increase: growth in population, ageing of baby boomers, and advancements in radiology. This also […]

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Giving Enterprise Imaging a New Dimension

Novarad, a pioneer in healthcare IT and imaging solutions, was established in 1990 by Dr. Wendell Gibby, a radiologist with a vision for technology’s role in the continuous improvement of radiology systems. Home to a rich culture of innovation, Novarad keeps up with the proliferation of digital medical images, patient records and other clinically relevant […]

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3 Reasons to Come to User Group

Writer’s Log. Stardate 95203.79. Novarad’s User Group — Novarad Connect — is steadily approaching and despite their best efforts, the Cardassians have not lessened our resolve to attend this User Group. Command has tasked my ship to send out a transmission to other less-enthusiastic starships in the sector with information about Novarad Connect. Augmented Reality Assisted Surgery […]

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Risk-Based Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer screenings are always being debated. How often should you get them? At what age should you get them? If you are low-risk, can you be screened less often? If you are high-risk, should you be screened more often? Patient Education More than ever, women are beginning to take extreme measures to prevent or […]

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Use Enterprise Imaging to Support Value-Based Care

You have probably heard buzzwords in the medical field like “value-based care” or “interoperability” recently. In this post, we will review the ways in which an enterprise imaging solution can help hospitals and imaging centers alike support their value-based care initiatives. What is Enterprise Imaging? Enterprise Imaging is a type of software that allows all […]

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How Should I Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Services?

In September of last year, I wrote a blog titled Choosing a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) concerning the challenges of selecting a cloud service provider. I covered cloud service provider options, questions you should ask, and roles and responsibilities. Almost one year later, things have continued to evolve. The health care community is now fully […]

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MRI & Machine Learning: Delays Slowing You Down?

In March of this year, there was an article posted in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR) covering the most common reasons for MRI delays. The top two were patient motion and claustrophobia. They pulled data from nine imaging centers operated by Emory University, and reviewed over 34,000 scans. Of those exams, 17 […]

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Is your facility at risk for ransomware?

Novarad’s Response to Ransomware Issues

In recent days, Healthcare and other organizations around the world have reported having been affected by “ransomware” software – a type of malware that prevents access to one’s own data until a “ransom” is paid to the perpetrators through untraceable online channels.  If a system becomes compromised, your organization’s options would be to either pay […]

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Is Breast MRI Being Underutilized?

Breast MRI has been used for years, and has been found to have many benefits compared to Mammography. If this is true, then why is it still only prescribed for women considered high risk? Most women who develop breast cancer are of “average risk”. Breast MRI improves early diagnosis of breast cancer compared to Mammography. […]

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Healthcare Analytics… Essential to Your Survival

Global healthcare is transforming from a volume-based business to a value-based business. With increasing demand from consumers for better healthcare, providers are taking a closer look at how they can improve quality and enhance value. As the search continues, data is increasingly becoming the surest way to decide what to do. What is healthcare analytics? […]

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