How Augmented Reality is Being Used in Medicine (Part Two)

In a previous blog post, we introduced the use of augmented reality (AR) in healthcare. Since this technology is primarily for physician and scientist use, the benefits have largely focused on these groups. Ultimately, however, individual patients and patient populations will see the most positive results from AR technology development. Here are a few ways […]

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Why Sharing Images via CDs Isn’t Reliable

Many radiology departments and practices still use CDs to share images with patients and other providers, but are they still the best option? The general consensus is rather negative, and here’s why. Using CDs for radiology images is inconvenient for several reasons. If you’ve ever shared images via CDs, you’ve probably struggled with the following […]

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A Guide to Forensic Radiology and Future Trends

Forensic Radiology and The Future When most people hear the word “forensics” they picture teams of people in full-body suits squinting over crime scenes with flashlights and running objects for fingerprints. But the reality is that there is much more to forensics than what you see on television. Forensic radiology, for example, can be a […]

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Medical Imaging in the Digital Age

What is digital medical imaging? While medical imaging was once limited to things such as analog x-ray machines, modern imaging solutions mean that healthcare providers are able to explore the human body in a more sophisticated and enlightening way than ever before. Digital medical imaging technology has opened doors to more accurate diagnosis and more […]

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Can you text patients under HIPAA?

Can You Text Patients Under HIPAA?

Texting is a fast, convenient way to contact patients and confirm an appointment time, let them know they have updates in their health records, or provide personalized health tips. Despite the convenience, however, many of us are hesitant to text patients due to fears of running afoul of HIPAA. Fortunately, Roger Severino, Director of the […]

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The Impact of Medical Technology

Advancements in technology constantly make the world more efficient, but there is arguably no area that has been more impacted by technological advancements than the field of medicine. As a result of developments in medical technology, healthcare providers in all verticals are able to treat a greater number of patients more effectively and more efficiently. […]

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Why convert DICOM to JPEG?

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the most common format for communicating and managing medical imaging data. Although DICOM is the standard, it can be difficult to work with, or exchange, these kinds of files using some standard software systems. As such, conversion from DICOM to JPEG sometimes becomes necessary. How do I […]

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Why Switch to Digital Radiography

Digital transformation affects every industry, and healthcare is no exception. Digital radiography is by no means a new concept — in fact it has been around for more than a decade. However, the kind of digital radiography that was introduced then was not what it is now, and significant improvements have been made to radiographic […]

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Radiology Value Units

Dollars and Sense: Equal Relative Value Units (RVU) in Radiology

In all medical specialties, whether they be in private practice, small hospital, large medical center or entire enterprise, success boils down to two things: dollars…and sense. If clinicians do what makes sense for their patients, and if they do it sensibly, a profit is turned at the end of the billing period. Excellence in patient […]

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HIPAA and Wound Care: Photos Matter!

For some time, radiology has been the undisputed champion of the medical specialties when it comes to creation and transmission of medical images. Be it PET, MRI, CT, radiography or a combination thereof, most medical “photography” still falls under the umbrella of radiology. While that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, Wound Care has emerged […]

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Healthcare IT Security Strategies: What’s Slipping Past You?

We all know that security vulnerabilities exist—we read about them in newspapers, hear about them on television, and discuss them with colleagues who have been impacted. The dilemma is…how do we know if we, as health information technology (IT) and security leaders, remain vulnerable, even with seemingly effective preventive measures in place? And are those […]

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