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The Evolution and Benefits of Advanced Clinical Radiology

Over the past century-plus—123 years, to be exact—the x-ray has become ingrained in our lives. Nearly everyone has had one, they’re relatively inexpensive, highly accessible, exams are painless and they provide a wealth of important information. Wilhelm Roentgen’s landmark discovery directly enhances countless lives, ours included.  It’s fair to say that advanced radiology began with the x-ray […]

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Leveraging unified VNA strategy to break down organizational silos in a healthcare enterprise

Becker’s Hospital Review recently featured an article by Novarad’s own Harold Welch titled, Leveraging unified VNA strategy to break down organizational silos in a healthcare enterprise. To read the full article, please visit Becker’s Hospital Review. A link is provided at the end of this article.  Technology is swiftly changing across the globe. As seen in other […]

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Enterprise Imaging, Threat or Opportunity for Radiology?

The majority of the US hospitals are looking for a VNA or Vendor Neutral Archive to facilitate future PACS upgrades and/or changes in PACS vendors and also to allow different specialties to make use of this enterprise-wide asset to archive and manage their images. An additional advantage of the VNA is that it also becomes […]

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Top Ten Considerations for VNA Implementation, Part 2

This is the second part of two articles detailing the top ten considerations for Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) selection and implementation. In the first part we discussed selecting a VNA for the right reason, picking the right approach (top-down or bottom-up), considering the workflow, ensuring it fits into your image exchange strategy, and paying attention […]

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Novarad’s OpenSight a Finalist in 16th Annual Utah Innovation Awards

Novarad’s OpenSight Augmented Reality System has been named a finalist in the 16th Annual Utah Innovation Awards. OpenSight renders patients’ imaging studies into 3D and presents them in an interactive manner accurately overlaid directly on to the patient’s body. It offers a true, life-size rendering with exact alignment and orientation, valuable for medical education, research and […]

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Top Ten Considerations for VNA Implementation, Part 1

The majority of US-based healthcare facilities are either considering or implementing the consolidation of their medical image archiving in the form of a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Early experiences have taught that it is not trivial to select the right VNA, and have revealed several pitfalls during the implementation phase. This series of two articles […]

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When Disaster Strikes: Data Recovery and Radiology

That won’t happen to us, that couldn’t happen here, it won’t be as bad as they say… These are the things we tell ourselves when it comes to natural disaster. But, I’m sure you could go ask any one of the victims of the disasters that have struck the U.S. over the last two months, […]

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Not Digital Yet? Here’s Why You Should Consider Investing in DR

Many questions have arisen lately from the reimbursement changes that affected analog radiography (film), computed radiography (CR), and digital radiography (DR). We are here to try to help you make some sense out of what is happening and hopefully save you some money as well as decrease your carbon footprint. A Policy Review First, let’s […]

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Enterprise Imaging: The next natural step for healthcare

First off, let’s answer the question: What is enterprise imaging? Short version: enterprise imaging is the next step in healthcare information storage. Slightly longer version: enterprise imaging is a software that allows physicians to see images from all of the different “ologies” in which a patient has had imaging done. Next, let’s compare imaging solution […]

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