Assigned Worklist Tip/Trick

 The Assigned Worklist is an effective tool for large groups of users that read images at the same time from a Filtered Studies list. The Assigned Worklist shows studies that have been added by the user to view later, or that have been assigned to the user by someone else. Radiologists can move studies into their worklist for review, or assign studies to another user’s worklist for specific users or larger groups to review.

Admins, Cardiologists, Radiologists, and Technologists can assign studies to other users’ Assigned Worklists.

To assign a study to a user follow these steps:

1.  Highlight the study or studies on the Filtered Studies List you wish to assign.

2.  Click on the Assign button.

3.  Select the role the assignment is for.

4.  Select the user the assignment is for.

5.  Click OK.

Users can activate the Assigned Worklist tab by selecting the Worklist option from the Study Browser’s View Menu or pressing the default hotkey setting of F2. The Assigned Worklist tab will appear next to the Search tab in the Study Browser.

Some functions are available only on the Assigned Worklist tab. The Remove and Clear Filtered Studies toolbar buttons are specific to the Assigned Worklist. The Remove Worklist Item and Clear Worklist options on the Worklist menu on the Study Browser’s main toolbar are also specific to the Assigned Worklist.




Functions like Remove and Clear are only available on the Worklist Menu.  To remove a worklist item, go to the Assigned Worklist tab, highlight the study or studies that need to be removed and click on the Remove button on the toolbar.  You may also remove an item from another user’s worklist by going to the Assigned Worklist tab (under your own login), find the user under the Assigned To filter and then highlight the study or studies that need to be removed.



This feature is in the 7.4 version of the NovaPACS.




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