7 Articles You Should Read This Week

If you’re looking for a better way to finish out your week, here are some great articles and important information you may have missed.

1. ICD-10 Transition: How to spend the next 28 weeks

ICD-10 has gotten a lot of attention lately, with the implementation deadline approaching in October 2015 and the chance of yet another ICD-10 delay. Here’s a guide to planning your own ICD-10 transition.

2. Healthcare Finance – Insight: It might be time to start planning for an ICD-10 delay

To shine a little more light on the probability of a potential ICD-10 delay.

3. Emerging ‘doc fix’ deal includes only a partial cost offset

In the words of Modern Healthcare’s Paul Demko, “The perennial battle over Medicare payments to doctors is about to surface on Capitol Hill once again and the outcome is likely to be the same as in previous years—a temporary patch.”

4. Apple announces ResearchKit app software for medical researchers 

This week Apple unveiled its smart watch, and its venture into the world of mobile health, with its new app, ResearchKit.

5. The Healthy Radiologist: Managing sleep on overnight shifts

6. Artist celebrates women in science with whimsical drawings

And if you need some illustration to break up the monotony of routine, go take a look at these beautiful depictions of women in science and their various achievements.

7. Infographic: Nursing needs an IT upgrade



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