Top 5 Radiology News Stories of the Week June 9-15, 2012

SIIM: How to add clinical decision support — and make it stick
Aunt Minnie | June 10, 2012

According to Dr. Ramin Khorasani, vice chair of the department of radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital despite the efforts to adopted Health IT solutions like EHR’s and HIE’s Clinical Decision Support (CDS)  is still sub optimally incorporated into facilities. CDS will help clinicians make better decisions and provide more appropriate images to its patients.  When clinicians image appropriately, quality of care is improved and ultimately so too is the life of the patient.

Non-Invasive Molecular Imaging Predicts Heart Disease
Diagnostic Imaging | June 12, 2012

Non-invasive myocardial perfusion imaging with PET scanning, followed by measurements of coronary flow reserve (CFR), can detect heart disease inside the coronary arteries according to researchers from the University Hospital Zurich. One interesting finding of the study is that age was not necessarily a risk factor in developing heart disease.

JAMA: Imaging Use Up in HMOs; Industry Leaders Disagree
Diagnostic Imaging | June 14, 2012

Changes to Medicare reimbursement and other financial incentives designed to control the use of diagnostic imaging services aren’t working as expected, even in clinical settings without a fee-for-service payment model, according to a study published earlier this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association. However, the ACR, MITA, and AMIC all suggest that the findings indicate that the opposite is true and that imaging has been decreasing in recent years.

Study: HIE use curbs unnecessary head CTs in the ED at no less cost
Health Imaging | June 15, 2012

Making patient records available in the emergency department (ED) through a health information exchange (HIE) could boost adherence to guidelines and reduce unnecessary imaging for patients who repeatedly utilize the ED for headaches, back pain, and chest pain. Using the HIE actually increased cost for the patient on average.

I think it would be interesting to see if the reduced imaging might lead to lower costs over time due to lower odds of cancer.

Breast tomo surpasses digital mammography in diagnostic accuracy
Aunt Minnie Europe | June 15, 2012

One-view breast tomosynthesis shows higher diagnostic accuracy as compared with two-view digital mammography, helping interpreting radiologists find 10% more cancers, according to a new study from an influential group of researchers in Sweden. When I first read this it concerned me because I wondered how this affected the number of false positives. However, the article assures us that “the false-positive average between the two modalities was comparable.” They didn’t make any reference to statistical significance so it left me wondering if one-view breast tomosynthesis is really as great as they make it out to be.


But if one-view breast tomosynthesis turns out to be as effective as they say it is, our PACS system integrated with NovaMG covers that.

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